Saturday 1 August 2015

Day 2 of Team Event

We played Switzerland at 12:30 today. We knew this one was going to be tough because they are seeded right behind us. The order of play was 1, 2, 3. I had a rest day today so Chloe, Sophie and Maddie played. 

Chloe won the first match 3-0. She moved her opponent around the court and played some good shots. 

Sophie had a tougher match against the #2. Sophie played great squash but couldn't finish it off so ended up losing 3-2. 

With matches tied 1-1 Maddie had to win in order for us to make the top 8. (Quarter finals). She played well and had some great attacking shots. She won the match 3-0. The final score of the match up was 2-1. 

Our next match up was Egypt at 7pm so we had a few hours to kill. There is a sports complex right beside the Squash club with a go karting track so our whole team went. We got decked out in suits and helmets to make us look like we were race car drivers. I have never seen such a complicated track, it's 10x better than the one at Western Speedway in Victoria. There were hills, turns, ramps..
Richard was the winner. Lapping everyone a few times. 

We had a tough time against Egypt. The order of play was the same as this morning: 1, 2, 3. Sophie took the evening off so Chloe, Maddie and myself played. Playing their team was a great experience but we all lost quiet badly in 3. The top two on the Egyptian team are ranked #12 and #15 in the world.

We placed 2nd in our Pool so we will still advance to the Quater finals at 7pm tomorrow against the U.S. 

We won't know what court we are on until tomorrow but there is a good chance we will be on the show court with live streaming. Here is the link:

Go Canada go!!

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