Tuesday 4 August 2015

Day 5 of Team Competition

Out final day in Eindohoven. Tomorrow we will head back to Canada. We were set to play New Zealand in the 5/6 today at 11am. The order of play was 1,3,2. 

Chloe was up first, she had a some trouble settling into the match but once she gain confidence she made some great shots. Chloe won 3-1 putting us in the lead 1-0. 

Maddie was up next. She already played the girl earlier in the tournament and won in a very close 5 set match. She was nervous but it didn't show because she played well and won 3-1. 

Another win for Canada!! We didn't have to play the #2 match because we were up 2-0. We placed 5th. Upsetting our 8th seeding and matching the Canadian Girls team's 5th place finish at the 2013 World Juniors. 

We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a little bit before the closing ceremonies banquet. It was at a local sports complex. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the pics on my phone but I will upload them once I get them. 

We are catching a 7am train to Amsterdam tomorrow for our flight home. 

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