Monday 3 August 2015

Day 4 of Team Competition

We had a great day today. Our match against Hong Kong was at 2:30pm. We had a late buffet breakfast then heading to the club around 1pm. 

Hong Kong is seeded 4. Behind Egypt (1), USA (2) and England (3). We knew we had a tough match today. The order of play was 2, 1, 3. Sophie, Chloe and Maddie to finish it off. 

Sophie had a tough match to start us off. It was rough with lots of lets. Sophie tried to play a clean game but the other girl kept running into her and being very physical. She lost 3-0 but it was really close. 

Chloe was on next with more pressure because Hong Kong had to win one more match to win the encounter and advance to the 5/6 play off. She lost the first game but it was really close with some questionable reffing. She fought hard in the next three games and squeezed them out. Chloe won her match 3-1.

Maddie had the most pressure because matches were tied 1-1. She was a little shaky in the beginning because of nerves but won the first game 14-12. After she relaxed a bit more and got used to her opponents style she was able to win the next two games 11-5, 11-8. 

Win for team canada!! We will play for 5/6 tomorrow at 11:00am. 

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