Friday 10 July 2015

10 days till takeoff!!

Hello everyone,

There are 10 days till I head out and it's finally starting to kick in that this is actually happening!! I never thought that I would be representing Team Canada at such a big event.

On July 20th, I fly to Toronto to meet up with the rest of my team. We will train in Toronto for three days before leaving to Amsterdam on July 23rd.

There are five members on our team:

1. Chloe Chemtob (Quebec)
2. Sophie Mehta (Ontario)
3. Maddie O'Connor (Ontario)
4. Grace Thomas (BC)
5. Tara Shannon - spare (Alberta)

Our team coach is Richard Yendell. He was coach for Team Canada at the 2013 World Junior Championships in Poland as well. Our manager is Janet MacLeod from Nova Scotia. 

The competition takes place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is roughly a 2 hour train ride South of Amsterdam. 

We will compete at the 15-court Squashtime Centre. It is located at the University in Eindhoven. 

During my 12 days in Eindoven I will compete in two events

1. Individual Competition - July 26-30
2. Team Competition - July 30-August 4

This is the link to the individual draw:

We will be staying Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

I will try to update the blog as regularly as I can.

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