Monday 27 July 2015

Day 2 of Individual Competition

We had a slow start to our day today. I don't think any of us got to breakfast until 10 today. Since Tara and Maddie got the day off, they were able to sleep in. 

Sophie was our first match at 12:40 against Kayley Leonard from the US. She played really well in the first game and beat her 11-5. But Kayley came back and won 3-1. Sophie is out of the individual competition now but she made it in the top 32. 

Chloe played at 4:40pm against Eleanore Evans from the US in the first round of the consolation draw and won 3-1. She played a again at 8:00pm against Victoia Leow from Australia, it was close but she won 3-0. She plays again tomorrow at 4 o'clock against Sarah Mekhalfi from France to confirm her spot in the quarter finals of the consolation draw. 

Since I lost yesterday I went down to the consolation draw. I got a bye in the first round so I didn't have to play until 8:00pm tonight.  I played against Fleur Maas from Netherlands. She just turned 14 and is the U15 national champ of Netherlands. After my match yesterday, I was nervous going into my game today. But I played well and won 3-0. I was supposed to play a girl from Zimbabwe tomorrow but she defaulted because injury so I am in the quarter finals on Wednesday. 

Tara and Maddie are both up at 12:40 tomorrow. If they win, they could be paying three matches in one day. 

Here is a link to the draw:

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  1. Wonderful to hear how well everyone is playing, even if they are not winning the match. Found a site that does have live streaming from centre court for the whole tournament at Go Canada Go!