Wednesday 22 July 2015


On Monday, I landed late afternoon in Toronto after a relatively short flight from Victoria. I was picked up and taken to the NSA. (National Squash Academy). I met up with Richard, Janet and Sophie. We played condition games for an hour or so. 

On Tuesday, we had a full day. Maddie and Tara arrived late last night. At 10am, we all played at the TAC (Toronto Athletic Club). It's on the 36th floor of the TD building. After, we went for lunch at this restaurant called "The Marche". At the beginning they handed you a card and would swipe the card each time you took something to eat. After, we went to get manicures. We got team canada colours. At 5pm, we went back to the NSA and played matches against some local boys. 
This is the view from the club 

Today, we played at the TAC again. Some light condition games. This afternoon we are meeting up with our last teammate (Chloe) and flying out at 8pm. I am really looking forward to getting to Amsterdam. 

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