Tuesday 28 July 2015

Day 3 of Individual Competition

I had a day off today so I got up early and my parents picked me up and drove to a Lier, a small town in Belgium. It was about an hour drive from Eindhoven. We spent most of the day there then came back so I could watch some matches. 

Maddie had a good day. She played a Mexican in the morning. She was seeded high so Maddie knew it was going to be tough. She pulled it out 3-1. Next she played Lucy Turmel from England in the quarters. But she lost a close 5 games. 

Tara also played in the morning but she lost to a Malaysian girl in 3. They (Sophie, Maddie, Tara) are out of the individual tournament now but are getting ready for Team event that starts on Friday. 

Chloe won easy in 3 games against a French girl. She plays in the quarters tomorrow morning. 

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